Why Real Estate Agents Should Not Avoid Floor Plan Renderings?

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When selling properties, Real Estate Agents have a tendency to miss the Floor Plan Renderings. Did you know that the floor plan is even more important than the attractive photographs of the roof and other areas? A 3D floor plan rendering can be what you are missing to have that house sold within the next two days or less.

 Real Estate Agents Floor Plans

There are various reasons as to why you as the real estate agents should never miss posting the 3D floor plans when listing properties. For some real estate agents, they think that the 3D Floor Plan Renderings are so expensive to produce and therefore they just leave them. But did you know that spending the amount to get a 3D floor plan drawn could save you a lot more? Here are some of the reasons why you should print the floor plans.

1# The Clients Use Floor Plans to Understand the Property Layout

The floor plan is a critical selling tool since it is used to determine the flow of the rooms. How the rooms fit each other is important so that the clients are attracted to the property. Note that this also compliments the virtual tour that you post when listing the house. This is because the client looking at the two together will be able to quickly understand what you are selling or letting to them. Therefore, the client will make a decision faster and this is what real estate agents want to be able to achieve.

2# Floor Plan Renderings Includes Dimensions Which Are Critical

You can illustrate clear dimensions using the floor plan. The client also wants to have a clear visual concept of the dimensions so as to be able to determine if to buy the property or not. The dimensions can be noted on the floor plan or included as accompanying notes below the picture/diagram of the floor plan. The buyer can then be able to relate their need to see if the dimensions will be an appropriate match to their needs.

3D Floor Plan Renderings with Dimensions

This way, the client can visualize where their furniture’s can go and what space is appropriate for different things. Hence, instead of having a feeling that the property is someone else’s, the client starts visualizing it as their own.  Note that without being able to convince the client that the house will be suitable for them, you are very far from making that sale. Therefore, to bring you closer to sealing the deal, it is important that you include the dimensions through a floor plan so that the client sees clearly what it is you are offering is.

3# Floor Plan Saves Time for Real Estate Agents and Potential Clients

If you evaluate the above practical use of the floor plan, you will notice that this is what helps the client make decisions faster. Without the 3D floor plan, then your clients will take longer to make purchase decisions. This becomes time-consuming, and you lose lots of time without making progress.

Do you want to make faster sales? Try including the 3D floor plans in your listing, and you will realize the difference. It is an important and critical factor in client’s decisions making.

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