Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

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Social Media Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents: As a real estate agent, you must be wondering whether social media can sell real estate or not? Sure, why not! The social media marketing is already helping almost all businesses (online and office) in a positive way by generating more customers and sales for them. Then why not real estate? Today, there is hardly real estate agent in countries like America and UK who does not have his/her own business account on more than one social media platform like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook etc. But creating an account is not enough.

Social Media Marketing

Following I am sharing the social media marketing tips for real estate agents. These tips will not only help you to sell better but turn your customer into a recognized brand in short time because social media platform will give you the freedom to interact with customers in much better and fast ways.

Social Media Marketing Tips #1: Think beyond Facebook and Twitter:

Indeed, Facebook is a great platform for marketing but do not limit yourself to Facebook only. There are many photo-based platforms which are ideals for the real estate agents to get the attention of the public. Pinterest and Instagram are two most common example of such a platform. Share your portfolio there as people love to explore the houses of others. Who knows that one picture on Pinterest could turn a visitor into your customer? Same way, Instagram is also important these days.

Social Media Marketing Tips #2: Use the basics tactics of social media marketing:

You could not get success on social media until you are using the basic tactics of the social media marketing. As a real estate agent, use the correct real estate hashtags to optimize your content on all social media platforms. Use the proper neighborhood name, real estate name, brokerage name and target city in your hashtags.

Social Media Marketing Tips #3: Involve your followers for free promotion:

Just because you own a business page, it does not mean that all content of your business profile should be related to it. You can be funny and inspirational too by posting related photos quotes and even the videos. All of these should be enough creative to make people hit the share button so in return, you get more followers.

Social Media Marketing Tips #4: Use the search engine to get customers:

The quality of social media search engines has been already improved. Now you are allowed to search for the posts related to your business. Search for the people who live in the neighborhood and your city and promote your business individually. Some people even share status like they are in need of property (rent, sell or buy etc). Such type of posts can help you to turn random people into your customers.

Social Media Marketing Tips #5: Use the quality content only:

Here quality content does not mean the quality of your posts (must be related to your business) but also the quality of photos and videos. Every social media platform has its own photo and video requirement and they are different from each other. So make sure that you do not post the same picture on all sites. Adjust the size of photo according to the standard size as per the social media platform rules.

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