How to Get Referrals in Real Estate (10+ Killer Tips)

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How to Get Referrals in Real Estate? The real estate business is very competitive and every agent and realtor is working hard to get their business at the top of the competition. By providing different services and trying to be the best from the other business, they are always in need of good tips to keep them on a level.

The best way to get at the top of the game is the referrals and references. Many businesses are successful because of the referrals and testimonies of the previous customers.


How to Get More Real Estate Referrals?

Some of the ways to get more referrals for the real estate are:

1# Build trust and good relationship with your customers. Even after the sale, you should stay in touch with them by sending them helpful and useful content, such as home management tips and ideas etc. this will help you stay in customer’s mind for future referrals.

2# You should maintain good contact with the industry leaders who will be getting in touch with your customers after the sale, such as, home inspectors, brokers and mortgage lenders, and constructors. If you are on friendly terms with them, they will definitely recommend you for the future referrals. If you all work together, you can promote each other’s services and increase the referrals.

3# You can post referrals of the customers on your website which will help in attracting other customers to your site. By adding reviews and testimonies of the old clients you can attract the potential clients.

4# You can also get more referrals by attending the real estate exhibitions and trade shows and by offering branded materials with your business cards or as well as creating contests and incentives for your referrals. This will bring appreciation towards your business and will attract more customers to your business.

These are some of the tips to increase your business referrals which will help in making your business successful and at the top of the real estate list.

Good Relationships with Past Clients leads to More Referrals:

Real estate agents tend to focus on getting referrals from past clients.

But it may surprise you to know those past clients are not the only source you can mine for referral gold.

You can get referrals from other agents if you can the time to grow the relationships with your colleagues.

Read on to learn how to develop your relationships with your colleagues and get them to push clients to you.

Relationships With Other Real Estate Agents Can Mean Warm Leads

Most real estate professionals focus on building their referrals from past clients. Some of your best and most often overlooked sources for new business can come from your fellow agents

Be prepared though – it works both ways, you have to give to receive.  But you will find that referring clients can net you some money as well.

In a survey done jointly by the Referral Exchange and the Council of Residential Specialists, some agents reported earning between $20k and $50k a year in referral fees.

Outbound referrals can not only help generate income, but they also help build your reputation and allow you to convert your leads easier.

The Referral Exchange and the Council of Residential Specialists study stated that agent referrals convert higher than online leads because when an agent makes a referral to another agent, trust is already present, and the relationship builds more quickly.

How To Build Your Real Estate Agent Referral Network

Here are a few tips on how to build your agent-to-agent referrals for your own business.

5# Target agents in specific locations

Do the research to figure out where people relocate to your area from and then focus on networking with colleagues from those places at conferences or connecting to them online.

You can use Facebook to join a real estate-related group and connect and respond to other agent’s questions. In this way, you can build relationships and friendships.

6# Add your referring real estate agents to your CRM

Use your CRM to add agents’ information to ensure you send out communications to them.

You can also tag and referring agents in your system. This allows you to check the system for any referring agents and give them priority if you have an outbound lead to pass on.

7# Create a system for keeping in touch with fellow agents

Create a system for keeping in contact with your out of town referring colleagues.

You could send handwritten notes after an initial meeting, add agents to your social media networks and private Facebook group, send out a branded magazine or add the agent to an email campaign.

8# Make sure to vet the agents you refer clients to

Always make sure you know how the agent you are referring someone to will treat the client you are referring. If you don’t you put your reputation at risk.

Make sure to research agents online and read customer reviews. You will also want to scrutinize and evaluate their production numbers and the types of listings they specialize in.

9# Give back to referring agents

Always send referrals to agents who send them to you.

If you don’t have a lot of referrals to a particular market give back on other ways. You can create content like how-to videos or tips for buyers to give to those referring agents to use with their clients.

10# Advertise your referral network with your clients

You will want to make sure clients know you have a referral network and that you can also be a source of referrals for them as well if they ever need to relocate.

You’re your social media accounts to leverage this. When friends on social media mention anything about relocating make sure to message a congratulatory note and offer an agent introduction.

Agent Referrals – An Overlooked Source Of Real Estate Income

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking referrals from other real estate agents as a source of income.

While it will take some networking skill, you will find that both receiving leads from other agents and sending leads to other agents can be very rewarding both personally and on your bottom line.

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