Floor Plans for Real Estate Photographers

Floor Plans for Real Estate Photographers : A real estate listing contains a lot of information and pictures and as a real estate agent, it is important to know what to include.  One of the best things that you can include on a real estate listing is a floor plan.  In some cases a floor plan can even make the difference between making a sale and not.  Why are floor plans so important to in real estate listings?

Floor Plans for Real Estate Photographers


When people look at a listing, they are interested in visualizing the property.  Standard real estate photography can only give you so good of an image.  Perspectives make it hard to completely get an accurate visualization of a property.  With a floor plan for real estate listings, your potential buyers can know exactly the layout of your listing.  They can also combine the floor plan with the images to know exactly where each image is taken.

Overall, the floor plan helps those viewing your listing to get a better feeling for what the listing is like.  It helps to make them feel like they are actually in the home and see themselves as being in the home.

Make A Listing Memorable

Another way that floor plans can be beneficial to a listing, is that they help the listing to be more memorable.  A floor plan often is looked at for more than a few seconds, helping to imprint it on the mind.  Then when the person is thinking back to your listing, or just the listings they have seen in general, they are reminded of yours.  They can even recall a good portion of your listing.

Square Footage Accountability

If you are viewing a real estate listing that says it has 600 square feet, that gives you very little information about the actual layout of the listing.  It could be a 500 square foot studio with a 25 square foot closet and 75 square foot bathroom or it can have multiple rooms.  A floor plan helps potential buyers to view how square footage is actually distributed across a property.  This can make a huge difference in selling any kind of listing.


Floor plans for real estate also help potential buyers to know what they want to put where.  By being able to plan they know can be prepared to move in and know what they can and can’t bring.  It also allows them to know what they need to buy for their new home.  Should the new buyer want to remodel or make alterations, floor plans also help them to plan for that contingency and they can even be used for in depth planning.

Attracts Interested Parties

Before going to a listing, if a potential buyer sees the floor plan they are more likely to know if a listing is right for them or not.  This can help to catch more interested potential buyers.  Especially, when buyers seem to click through photographs so quickly.

Shows You Are A Professional

With how easy it is to get a floor plan for your property, it is expected that real estate listings will feature a floor plan.  Those agents that do choose to use a floor plan on their listings are often viewed as professionals because they are including all of the information they can about the house.  A company by the name of Research by Rightmove found that 1/3 of buyers would be less likely to even ask about a listing that didn’t have a floor plan.

If you need a floor plan for your real estate listing, they can easily be produced by a company.  All you need to do is gather the measurements of each room, the location of each room, and send them to company.  The process is quite easy for the remarkable product you end up with.

See how easy it is to get a floor plan?  With how easy it is, there is simply no excuse not to get one.  They provide a variety of benefits to your listing.  If that is not enough to convince you, Homegain performed a study into what part of a listing is most important.  Home buyers stated that floor plans were the 4th most important part of any listing they looked at.  Can you really neglect something that important?